Unnamed Road


House for sale, Bulgaria
Two Storey Family Home in Sudharz, Germany Complete with extension, garage, outbuilding and garden. Our photos taken on a rainy November day really don’t do the location or property any justice. Put simply the setting is absolutely stunning! Mile upon mile of unspoiled nature abounds all around. From lakes to gentle rolling hills, your house sits in Germany’s finest countryside. Sat at number 61 Haupstrasse, Hainrode, Sudharz. Your two storey home offers a lot more than first meets the eye. Whilst its obvious some work will be required, there are some great touches already added, giving the new owner a flying head start. The uPVC double glazing for starters is a great addition. Last but not least, the garage. Whilst the property has its own garden in front also providing a parking space, the garage is also very handy. If you will be using the property part time, say for weekend breaks or a few months of the year, you could store your holiday drive-a-round car here. Buyers should note, a car is far from necessary in this location, bus stops are a few steps from your front door, in the immaculate centre. Your property sits in an ideal spot, surrounded by hills and forests, yet you are just off the aforementioned centre and a handy 15km into the main town of Sangerhausen. Here you will find every town amenity your whim may call for, including the train station and access onto the Autobahn. Several restaurants cater to almost all pallets, Chinese, Italian... you name it and it's all here. Bars are a-plenty and there's even some excellent adult entertainment options to explore. From respectable well to do types, to all night revellers, Sangerhausen is truly a destination for all. Closer to home, within two minutes stroll you have a bakery, beer garden / pub, diner, a park, museum, bus stops, and all the usual amenities. All adding up to a perfect weekend bolthole, full time home in Germany, or thanks to the setting – an income generating holiday let / guest house! Hedge your bets today by becoming a freehold property owner in Germany. The right choice for all freethinking individuals, or expats to be. Become a sovereign individual, free to choose and change your residence at any time.


Unnamed Road